Captain America – Famous American Hero

Captain America is actually Steve Rogers who, after a medical experiment during World War II was turned from a weakling into a superhero. Captain America wears a costume resembling the USA flag. His only weapon is an impenetrable shield that could also be used as a boomerang. Captain America also has a sidekick, Bucky.

Captain America. the famous American hero

Captain America full review

Captain America remains one of the very common marvel comic heroes especially with his shield that makes him stand out from most other superheroes.

The fictional and very famous American hero is a creation of cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. His first appearance to the world was in Captain America Comics #1 back in the early forties, March 1941 to be precise, from Timely Comics. Captain America gained lots of popularity during the Second World War especially as Timely Comics, a predecessor of Marvel Comics made designed him as a patriotic hero that the Axis powers of the Second World War. Captain America’s popularity deemed as the war ended and until it was revived by Marvel Comics in 1964, it only remained underground.

Captain America appears in a costume with an American flag motif with his indestructible shield completing his outfit. Steve Rogers is the Captain America character that was enhanced by an experimental serum to the peak of human perfection in order to assist the government of America in the Second World War.

After making his first appearance outside the comic books in 1944 becoming the first marvel comics character to feature outside the comics, the character has gone on to appear in several motion pictures works.

The superhero character, Captain America has made its transition through time from the early days of the Golden Age in the 1940’s to the Silver Age and even era after that. Despite the transition the character had some constant features that remained with it.

One of such features is his shield. Having no superhuman powers, Captain America defeats his enemies with the use of his shield which he throws at his opponents. The super-soldier serum and vita-ray treatment is another feature that remained with the character all through his transition. This is of course the essence of Captain America and his transformation thanks to the serum helps to increase his strength, agility, speed, endurance, reflexes, and healing among others to a degree beyond the ordinary beings potential. He becomes a superhuman that almost never tires out thanks to the formula.

In his over 70 years of adventure and existence, Captain America has gone on to fight and defeat people that had ideas contrary to the American values. Values such as Nazism, anarchism, technocratic fascism, and terrorism made people like Doctor Faustus, Baron Zemo, Crossbones, and Flag Smasher great enemies of Captain.

The leader of the Avengers team can simply be described as the patriotic defender of the American values.

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