Spider-man – The Superhero

Spider-man’s real identity is Peter Parker, a normal looking newspaper journalist. However, once bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter acquires super strength, as well as the ability to walk on walls and ceilings. He decides to use his new powers for protecting the society he lives in from the evil villains and that is why Peter Parker turns into the superhero known as Spider-man.

Spiderman, One of the most powerful Marvel Comics character

Spider-man full review

Very few animated characters are as popular as the Spider-man. Still one of the most popular animated television series and comic book stories character, the Peter Parker character has been largely attributed for its wide acceptance and huge popularity.

From being an average kid to an orphan who lived with his uncle and aunt to his transformation to the superhero Spider-Man character, Peter Parker’s Spider-Man series continues to gain popularity and acceptability. This could be due to some sympathy resulting from the fact that Peter was an orphan or due to his heroic exploits of fighting crime.

Peter Parker’s amazing transformation from an ordinary kid to a superhero came from a spider bite. The bite gave him some “spidey powers” that could be linked to the features of the spider but with a bit more strength.

Spider-man made a break into the TV screens in 1967 when the animated television series was aired on September 9 of that year and continued till the 14th of June, 1970. This was just the start of many amazing stuff to come from the comic book series created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

The success of the animated series over several decades gave rise to the release of Spider-Man the movie. Released in 2002, the movie broke records making over $114 million in just one weekend. The movie went on to make over $400 million in the US alone. The sequel of the movie sold a bit less than the initial release with just some dollars above $373 million. The success of the Spider-Man movie cannot however be compared to other superhero movies with the Spidey moving ranking high among other such characters.

Peter Parker in the form of Spider-Man risked his life to keep the community safe from evildoers especially when he had to fight super-powered beings like Dr. Octopus, Mysterio, and the Green Goblin even though he was continuously labeled by the editor of New York Daily Bulge, J. Jonah Jameson as a criminal with his name making the front page headlines describing him as evil.

From the comic character to appearing in several animated television series and his eventual success at the box office from being a character in several motion pictures, Spider-Man continues to be a success. The success ad wide acceptance of the web-man superhero cannot be explained. He is not the strongest of superheroes neither is he the smartest or “baddest” of them.

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