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The Incredible Hulk is one of the many X-Men, the superheroes created by Marvel Comics but is definitely the strongest one of them all. He is actually scientist Bruce Banner who, during an experiment, gets exposed to Gamma radiation and turns into the green, huge and super strong Hulk whenever he is angry.

The Incredible Hulk, Marvel Comics Cartoon Characters

The Incredible Hulk full review

One of the most popular marvel comic characters and probably the strongest character that has ever graced our television screens is the Incredible Hulk. The huge green powerful character was a very famous American television series in the late eighties based on the comic book character developed by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. The initial work featured stars like Bill Bixby, Dr. David Banner, and Lou Ferringo playing the Hulk character.

Ever since making its first appearance on the screens of television viewers worldwide, the character has continued to grow in popularity over its fifty years of existence. The huge green comic character was incredibly strong and came as a result of Dr. Bruce Banner being bombarded with Gamma radiation, turning him into a big green creature – the Hulk, when he becomes angry.

The Incredible Hulk was one of the founding members of the popular Avengers team that also had the membership of other well-known marvel characters like Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor, and The Wasp. However he was only featured in the first two series of the Avengers franchise as his characteristic anger turned him into an enemy in third issue with the Avengers team having to subdue him rather than having him as an ally.

There were a number of changes for the television made by the man behind the screens Kenneth Johnson with the most notable one being the name as Dr. Banner’s first name was changed from Bruce to David. This however did nothing to affect the popularity and acceptability of the Incredible Hulk.

Other changes included a twist to the original story and it was created to be more believable and came with a little less sensation. The Hulk was given some ability to speak in the comic as opposed to what was obtainable in the television series. The character also had more strength in the comic as compared to the television show where he was incredibly strong.

The Incredible Hulk has been recently resurgent in the world of comics with popular storylines featuring the Hulk’s character. World War Hulk and the mystery of the Red Hulk are some of the most popular ones that have also been found to be very interesting to comic lovers.

Just like most of the superhero characters of the Marvel comic world, the Incredible Hulk has some characters that have stayed with the storyline all through. They include General Thunderbolt Ross, who is, in fact, his nemesis with Betty, Thunderbolt’s daughter being Banner’ love interest throughout the history of the Incredible Hulk character.

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